Who We Are

With over 30 years experience in both the residential and commercial construction industries, Abstract Construction Management and President/Owner, Steven M. Miller, are poised to become your expert consultants for all your building needs. We are one of New York’s premier construction management companies specializing in both high-end residential and commercial construction. Our work is performed throughout Long Island and the five boroughs of New York City and beyond in collaboration with the area’s leading architects, contractors and interior designers.

There are several core factors that characterize every successfully completed construction management assignment: efficient project delivery, safety, quality construction, timely completion and cost control. Abstract Construction Management strives to realize each of these factors on every one of our assignments, which is why our past clients have consistently rated our construction management services very highly. We understand what is involved, we are accomplished managers, and we have the required skills and experience.

An essential ingredient to our project management concept is the cooperative atmosphere that we develop, in which we integrate the efforts of all team members and focus them on the common goal of successful project completion, working closely with each interested party to achieve this goal. We can thus effectively manage all safety, quality, cost and schedule issues; develop detailed cost control systems; oversee construction phasing; develop project-specific quality control and quality assurance programs; and manage all communications.

As construction managers we will identify the critical issues that may come into play on an individual construction project, or for a multi-project construction program. We will help optimize the use of funds, develop and control the scope of work, develop master and individual project schedules, allocate risks, optimize project delivery options to suit client needs, develop claims avoidance techniques and more. Feel free to contact us today to see how we may be of assistance in bringing your current or future building projects to a successful completion.